Patrice Riemens on Sun, 7 Mar 2010 09:34:54 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> A scenario for World War III

Hee Matze,

Well it was not my opinion, I referred to what was written in the Wall
Street Journal (WSJ). I do not believe seriously in it either, but with
the proviso "expect the unexpected" - very irrational decisions may be
made in politics - see Yugoslavia (*)

Furthermore the whole 'debate' in the WSJ is illustrative of what that
paper itself described as a transatlantic controversy about the future of
the Euro. Given the very 'anglo-saxon' rant against the EU, it is not so
surprising that they gleefully come up with the darkest analyses, followed
by the craziest future scenarios. Probably a case of what they call in
Holland "the wish is the mother of the thought" (**)

(*) However... my fast-lane commentary on the 'Yugoslav situation' used to
be: "Look, they had the choice between structural adjustment without end,
or war. What would _you_ have chosen?"

(**) Yep, it's called 'wishful thinking' in plain English. But this sounds
so much nicer...

> Thanks, but I am not so sure about "Germany is the most likely candidate


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