Matze Schmidt on Sun, 7 Mar 2010 09:45:19 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> A scenario for World War III

Thanks, but I am not so sure about "Germany is the most likely candidate
to leave the Euro" -- the reason is, as long as the EURO can hit the
USDollar, e.g. on the oil market, it will. So the euro is the weapon for
the European interests. Sure Greece etc. could not leave the E-zone
without trouble, they have to pay in euro, so they are no real candiates
for leaving more for being exited (even if the contracts offer no
opportunity for doing so). Brief scenario play: If Germany would leave
the E-zone, it would not go back to an old currency like the Deutsche
Mark, it would have to 'invent' one likewise the euro to bind all other
european and beyond currencies. One thing is foolproof, every currency
leaving the E-zone will be affected by the market for valuta again. This
can't be the goal of Germany's policy, to end in chaos out of the tight
control of FRG's influence and purchase. Ask any German liberalist --
they will fight to keep the realm. Seems though they know a break can


> but Germany.
> add: is the most likely candidate to leave the Euro.
> But Matze (and most nettime readers with him) got the gist.
> Sorry for haste in posting!

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