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<nettime> microwurk 10: [[inte(di{late}u)rnal]] 12:37pm 23/06/2010

microwurk 10: [[inte(di{late}u)rnal]]  12:37pm 23/06/2010

microwurk 10: [inte(diu)rnal.leaps.b(f)ound+ sal(prist)ine.g(r)agged ..
(p{ink})_et_als+ strict(l)ures.t(f) ..

.. my.time: my time: it _c(wh)or(e)por(ous+h)ate_ _experience_
___he(u)rtz___.] [end]

[begin: again: (in)al(l)ways]..........................[ break>unpacking ]:

b:_______[1stly: a "microwurk" is a (or equals, or "=") microCosm
condensation: discrete -x-pressions s(l)ip(=tongued)ped.thru.the.mi(A)nimal.
u'll find these wurks everywhere nowadays if u care 2 look (+.siphon-C).]

br:______["internal|diurnal": soggy_affect maintaining. in the
face(tted_reality) of it, =

bre:_____["saline gagged|pristine ragged": medical allegories never go
astray thru these w(et)alls scrawled with time.juggling.icons + lined with

brea:____["ink et als|pink petals" and "strict lures": "ink and others",
indeed. "et al" binds in particular orangesque+canonBOOMic ways: candy-laced
BLOOMs frizzle + frazzle in their monotone shrinkwrapped b(won't)lasts.]

break:___["faint|tainted by the grey mouse grind": 3.blind.mice obvious. if
u need this + subsequents unpacked: don't bother.]


Reality Engineer>
Synthetic Environment Strategist>
Game[r + ] Theorist.
:: ::

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