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<nettime> Interface 2/2, Voices of dissent: activists' engagements in the creation of alternative, autonomous, radical and independent media


Hope people in this e-list enjoy the new issue of "Interface: A journal for and about social movements" on the topic: "Voices of dissent: activists' engagements in the creation of alternative, autonomous, radical and independent media". See below. Cheers! Mayo


Qui sotto l'annuncio del nuovo numero di Interface, dedicato alle voci del
dissenso, che ho curato insieme ad altri colleghi-attivisti. Ne aprofitto
per dirvi che il nuovo numero coincide con il trasferimento del nostro sito,
che abbiamo rinnovato completamente. Speriamo lo troviate utile e
interessante. Qualsiasi commento è il benvenuto.

Come noterete, ora il sito è bilingue (anche se puntiamo ad averlo in molte
altre lingue): inglese e italiano. Se siete interessati a collaborare in
qualsiasi forma (traduttori, recensioni di libri, autori di articoli,
referaggi anonimi etc.) non esistate a contattarmi!

Infine, una nota per chi tra voi si interessa di femminismi, movimenti delle
donne e donne in movimento: abbiamo una call aperta da poco proprio su
questo tema. Aspettiamo le vostre proposte di articoli, appunti di azioni /
insegnamento / ricerca etc. etc. etc.

Here below the announcement of the new issue of Interface on voices of
dissent that I co-edited with other colleagues and activists. The new issue
coincides with the launch of the new Interface website that we fully
renovated. We hope that you find Interface and its new website useful and
interesting. Comments welcome!

As you may notice, the website is currently bilingual (but we aim at
translating it in many other languages): English and Italian. If you are
interested in collaborating (as translators, book reviewers, authors,
anonimous referees etc.) do not hesitate to contanct me!

Finally, a few words for those amongst you who are interested in feminisms,
women movements and women in movements: we have a new call for paper open on
this topic. We wait for your articles, action / teaching / research notes
and so on and so forth.

- apologies for crossposting -

*Interface: a journal for and about social movements

**Volume two, issue two

Voices of dissent: activists' engagements in the creation of alternative,
autonomous, radical and independent media**
*Volume two, issue two of *Interface*, a peer-reviewed e-journal produced
and refereed by social movement practitioners and engaged movement
researchers, is now out, on the special theme "Voices of dissent: activists'
engagements in the creation of alternative, autonomous, radical and
independent media".

*Interface* is open-access (free), global and programmatically multilingual.
Our overall aim is to "learn from each other's struggles": to develop a
dialogue between practitioners and researchers, but also between different
social movements, intellectual traditions and national contexts.

This new issue also marks the launch of our new website, which we hope will
make the site more accessible and support multilingual material and
translations in particular. The site is currently at
http://interfacejournal.nuim.ie but will be accessible through the existing
address of http://www.interfacejournal.net shortly. (The delay is due to the
intervention of the IMF and more substantially weather-related problems in

This issue of *Interface* includes 26 pieces in 4 languages by authors from
Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia,
the Netherlands, Palestine, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, the UK and the US,

*Theme-related articles:*

   - Tina Askanius and Nils Gustafsson, *Mainstreaming the alternative: the
   changing media practices of protest movements*
   - Patrick McCurdy, *Breaking the spiral of silence: the "media debate"
   within global justice movements. A case study of Dissent! and the Gleneagles
   G8 summit*
   - Tatiana Bazzichelli, *Towards a critique of social networking:
   practices of networking in grassroots communities from mail art to the case
   of Anna Adamolo*
   - Clemens Apprich, *Upload dissident culture: Public Netbase's
   intervention into digital and urban space*
   - Dongwon Jo, *Real-time networked media activism in the 2008 Chotbul
   - Brigitte Geiger and Margit Hauser, *Medien der neuen Frauenbewegung in
   Archiv / Archiving feminist grassroots media*
   - Margaret Gillan, *Class and voice: challenges for grassroots community
   activists using media in 21st century Ireland*

*Other articles:


   - Philippe Lucas, *Patient-centred strategies to counter stigma,
   oppression and forced incarceration in the CSX and medical cannabis
   - William K Carroll, *Crisis, movements, counter-hegemony: in search of
   the new*
   - Raphael Schlembach, *Towards a critique of anti-German "communism"*

*Action notes* from:

   - Cristina Guimarães Oliveira and Odalisca Moraes, *Comunicação:
   Indicadores históricos e culturais do Pina *
   - Lívia Moreira de Alcântara and Elder Gomes Barbosa, *Extensão ou
   comunicação? O audiovisual como um instrumento facilitador da comunicação no
   assentamento do MST Olga Benário*
   - Iyad Burnat, *The Bil'in model of wall resistance*

*A special section* is devoted to alternative international labour
communications, with contributions from Peter Waterman, Eric Lee and Dave

*Key documents*: Chto Delat? *A declaration on politics, knowledge and
art *(Russian
and English versions)

*Response* by Peter Waterman to Colin Barker's piece on Solidarnosc in issue
2/1, and response from Barker to Waterman

*Advance piece* for issue 3/1 (repression and social movements):
Tomas Mac Sheoin, *Policing and repression of anti-globalization protests
and movements: a bibliography of English-language material
This issue's *reviews* includes the following titles:

   - Clifford Bob, *The marketing of rebellion: insurgents, media and
   international activism*
   - John Charlton, *Don't you hear the H-Bomb's thunder? Youth and politics
   on Tyneside in the late 'fifties and early 'sixties*
   - Jo Reger et al (eds), *Identity work in social movements*
   - Clemencia Rodriguez et al (eds), *Making our media: global initiatives
   towards a democratic public sphere.*

A *call for papers* for volume 3 issue 2 of *Interface* is now open, on the
theme of "Feminism, women's movements and women in movement" (submissions
deadline May 1 2011). We can review and publish articles in Afrikaans,
Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian,
Italian, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian,
Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Zulu.

The website has full details on how to submit articles for this issue.

Volume 3, issue 2 on "Repression and social movements" is due to be
published in May 2011.

*Interface* is always looking for translators to help with our multilingual
project and website editors who can help with Wordpress. We are also looking
for activists or academics interested in helping out, particularly but not
only with our African, South Asian, Spanish-speaking Latin American, East
and Central European, and Oceania / SE Asian groups. More details on our

*Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested.

Alice Mattoni, PhD
Department of Political and Social Sciences
European University Institute

Badia Fiesolana
Via dei Roccettini 9
I-50014 San Domenico di Fiesole (FI)

Mobile: +39 349 5609048
E-mail: alice.mattoni@eui.eu


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