John Young on Sun, 5 Dec 2010 17:32:07 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Twitter fails to jump to Dept of State's defence.

WL dark observers want what Twitter offers without signing up,
one follower, one cable.

A honeypot. SOP. WL knows that and pads the tweets, thumb on
the scale. The gaga Assange boytoy promotion is a marketing ploy, 
him witting or unwitting as his Mom ear-licked her little man, as did 
Obama's, pretending teenage-grade bedazzle for the horny-pud.

No need to recount how age-old this narcotic is. Civilizing begets
over-uncivilizing, to wit, obedience innerly driven concealed with
high-faluting faux resistance. Higher standards of ethics and morals
the advertisements. Could Assange be clearer about what he is
up to, an authoritative terrified of being not-god.

Same shit is used to hypnotize teenage soldiers and college-bred
pilots to RL kill-slaughter with relish -- ever in the national interest
or sumpin glorious. Same shit is used to hypnotize suicide bombers 
and IED mechanics and State Department and CIA pussyfooting 
vainglory wankers. Panetta a feeble emulator of Hillary as an 
auto-speed-twatler victim and prick-teasing victimizer, channeling 
age-old god-fucked Eves and Marys the guys bellow, the girls yelling
god's a dickless motherfucker honey.

The hoary debate between parental liberty and tweenie freedom is 
two-backed. The first demands order within constraints of authority, 
the second, if not a subterfuge or suck-up of authority, bites the hand 
offered in threatening peace and beneficence, then kisses the hand's 
mangy ass with mouthngs of ways to kill former friends and supporters
who told all to BFF. Insurance pre-positioned is the rat's surefire

The WL vile practice of redaction is a sign the fix is in, bribes have
been paid to act "responsibly," future celebrity assured. Old timers 
call that turncoat, themselves having done just that and then paid 
and pensioned and best-sellered, if not tenured and lecture-
circuited, to condemn it. Ellsburg. Chomsky. Sy Hersh. Ex-spies,
aka unicorns. None suffer after coming in from the cold. Fake
moans of the beastliness known but dare not reveal. To protect
the unknowing. To foster unknowiness. To keep the secrets of
how sweet it is to be a keeper.


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