John Young on Mon, 13 Dec 2010 18:03:50 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> A thesis on WL theses and a suggestion

Locations of nukes worldwide, their count, their megadeath capacity,
their factories and bases, have been available for decades, thanks
to the Federation of American Scientists (, the National
Resources Defense Council (, National Security Archive
(Google its vast collection),, and others of these large
repositiories of leaked and hard-dugged information which Wikileaks
deliberately, vaingloriously, ignores as if ex nihilo. Petty
bullshitters driven by PR. Perfect for new media and old media wanting
an injection.

Otherwise, what else is new medical in the daily dose of cables.

Catch a breath, derush adrenline, peruse a few of those hundreds
which preceded the virgin birth of Wikileaks in Sensitive Information
Security Sources and Breaches:

Har, the MSM being stooged by WL are also parading the wee
he-devils as if the first to defy Olympus, well, merely re-invent fire
aka freedom of information. Forbes today milking its "inside 
sources" avidly as Time aiming for yearly virginal sacrifice.

Silly vainglorious names of media: The Guardian, Le Monde,
Der Spiegel, The Times iterations galore, News beyond count,
El Pais, The Nation, Gawker, Raw Story, Inside Sources, Pro-Publica,
The People's Daily, Granma, Pravda, bleh. Mea culpa, a brand
always outsells the honest truth told by individuals, oops, that's 
the brand of thousands of mail lists and their bastard ego-blogs.

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