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<nettime> A thesis on WL theses and a suggestion

Although the speculation about causes, consequences, motivations, etc,
is amusing to read, it all detracts from the content of the leaks,
including but not limited to the cables.  I would like to suggest that
we instead first spend some time analysing the content of specific
leaks.  For instance, I was a little surprised by this one


"8. (C) In response to Gordon's question about how the
government planned to take forward the commitment in the
coalition agreement to seek the removal of all remaining
nuclear weapons from Germany, Heusgen distanced the
Chancellery from the proposal, claiming that this had been
forced upon them by FM Westerwelle.  Heusgen said that from
his perspective, it made no sense to unilaterally withdraw
"the 20" tactical nuclear weapons still in Germany while
Russia maintains "thousands" of them.  It would only be worth
it if both sides drew down.  Gordon noted that it was
important to think through all the potential consequences of
the German proposal before going forward.  For example, a
withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Germany and perhaps from
Belgium and the Netherlands could make it very difficult
politically for Turkey to maintain its own stockpile, even
though it was still convinced of the need to do so."

Maybe not shocked, but there was a consciousness-raising moment to
think that, hang on, a bunch of European countries house US nukes.
This hasn't appeared on the mainstream press, as far as I am aware.

I wonder how many other releases have quietly been ignored/suppressed?


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