John Young on Mon, 13 Dec 2010 15:33:56 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Wikileaks and spam shows a wondrous slew of brazen Net predators
for Some might even be real criminals rather
than cops and their hired hackers on the prowl to steal data
and call it freedom of information. Recall that Wikileaks in its
earlier promotional material bragged of predating, sorry, liberating,
over 1 million files through Tor siphoning, aided and abetted by 
the noble-branded bandits "Chinese dissidents." 

After an outcry of betrayal of the trust of Tor, and Tor's own tut-tut
to keep its gaping security quiet, WL dropped that ad of the 
daring hacker outlaw campaign but several recent news reports 
continue to recycle it. 

Wikileaks like cops and hackers cannot overstate numbers, to wit,
WL's recent promotion of the number of words in upcoming
releases. Next, the count of alphanumerics, punctuation and
spaces to match the sock-puppeted WL followers on Twitter
and Facebook and holiest of all, Google hits.

Circling back to the start: has an about page which tells, or pretends
to tell, how the site got started and how it distances itself with
a Russian-Chinese dissident bear hug from "The Original Wikileaks."

Malware in the Wikileaks releases is a provocative suggestion.

Certainly the technology for that is readily available and the practice
obligatory, usually as a "security feature," sometimes called
a hash or cookie or watermark or copyright-tracker or privacy
protection. Wait a minute, did you say privacy protection. Get out
of here, Demosthenes, there exists nonesuch except self-throttling.

Phoenix University Professor Cynic proclaims the insurance.aes256 
file is nothing but malware ready to explode red-dye onto decrypters.

Kaplan Most Venerable Counterprofessor Agnostic retorts: fie on 
your mendacious contra-idealism, knuckle rapping the Auth lockbox.

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