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<nettime> Wikileaks and spam

On another list someone complained that was being
blocked by their spam blocker, suggesting this was another form of

which gleaned the following response resolves back to the IP address
That IP address has the canonical name  <>
That IP address is, indeed, on the Spamhaus block list, but it isn't because
of Wikileaks -- it is because the address is in an IP address range
belonging to a Russian ISP that is part of an alleged criminal enterprise
specializing in distribution of spam, botnets, phising, and malware.   The
machines in that range do distribute spam and bad software.  Whether or not
there is really a wikileaks mirror there or not is not something I do not
intend to check -- even if there is a mirror, there is a good possibility
the documents have been seeded with malware.

Anyone want to check that?

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