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Re: <nettime> Ex-Intelligence Officers, Others See Plusses in WikiLeaks Disclosures

unfortunately, this is quite an accurate observation.

coming form a former socialist country that doesn't exist, Yugoslavia, this
phenomena of good, friendly "state" spies was something I was not aware
off.  In within those "horrible" socialist countries if someone is somehow
connected to such an institution, the person would be somewhat feared, but
no one would dare to publicly express their discomfort, for everyone is
aware of the real nature of those people's positions and the institutions
they had been working for.  One doesn't play with fire, for one easily
could get burned.

It has been only the case, here, in the western countries, and especially
in the US, and Britain, (all these shows about MI5 or 6, FBI, and god knows
what and who else) that these institutions were represented as somewhat
innocent of their real nature and power.  Also, it would be represented
through these endless movies that individuals, who are part of these
institutions, are "actually" the ones who, for some reason, usually based
on their personal "evil" nature, are actually "bad guys," turning these
institutions evil, while actually, all these intelligence" offices, are
good in nature, and their main purpose is to protect us against

I haven't seen anything like it before.  And all these Hollywood movies
that deal with these subjects of matters have been pretty much created to
reeducate the population to accept them as something natural - normal, but
then, when it comes to "be or not to be," in the bottom of our guts, we are
incapable of holding them accountable, and at any moment they can come and
seize whatever they want, "state security matters," and we, as citizens,
have to accept it as something that was done for our own sake.  Just pay
attention to the amount of those those spy movies, comedy spy movies,
"KIDS" spy movies (disgusting ), the judges, lawyers, policemen from Miami,
New York, god knows where from ... Can't we just turn to FOX News, COPS,
and watch how successfully those  big, almost shaved headed police officers
are tirelessly fighting "bad" guys, who are somehow, for some damn unknown
reason all poor, mainly black or hispanic.  

All in all, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc. can only be jealous at what
type o successful manipulation and its results have been achieved.  

Also, how about "free-western" media?  I am constantly reading about "its
history of righteousness," not just "the main stream media", but in within
the alternative, especially left.  Like before it was better???  This
"righteous" media can, again, be from time to time sized by some evils
selfish individuals.  But in general the media is playing a fundamental
role of preserving democratic transparency.  But whenever there is
preparation for a major war, or raising heat in relationship with Russia,
China, or whoever doesn't agree with Western Imperialistic Hegemony will be
attacked in quite the similar manner, if not in the "the exact manner," by
this "free-western" media that acts like a "choir."   

Bob Kennedy, the great leader for democracy,(I read the article in
'truthout' magazine, I guess) who just before it happened to become, was an
important support to McCarthy witch hunt.  That can only be the case in
Western, for the western is holding the torch of freedom and democracy, and
"bad" is not that bad in the first place, Bobby was probably just a little
bit confused, "at the time."

Please, read a very good book by Morgan , Edmund S.  "Inventing the people
: the rise of popular sovereignty in England and America.

"Or all this false mantra 'Government of the people, by the 
people and for the people,' created by "hard core" (important to remember)
slave owners and traders, who first slaughter homes and tribes of these
soon to be enslaved Africans, (blacks) over there in Africa, and then
brought them as slaves, as it had been done 2000 years earlier, and them
used them as the free working force, then "genocide" (very important to
remember) continuing with slaughtering of native American population,
concluding with bloody Civil War, (not to forget) so to keep in check the
big feudal landowners / slave owners of the south who were not willing to
share profit with the north industrialists, who, on the other side, needed
an access to cheap resources...  If you do not want to share peacefully,
then we'll take it militarily (similar pattern, I see)  ( I guess, family
Paul just can't go over that part of their history) ... Hey man, until
about 1960s a black person couldn't ride with dignity in public
transportation, had to walk the other side of the road opposite to the
white people.   

Therefore, only freedom loving western "democracies" are entitled to have
theocratic, genocidal tendencies in its recent or further pasts, for you
know, it is Capitalism that has been born out of it, that beacon of
freedom.  It is ok that whole security system in western Germany, after the
WW II was built by the US, out of former gestapo and nazies, ... hey man,
afterward,  they were proven to be great fighters for freedom and democracy
against evil communists, similar as the Taliban was during 1980's. 

And any time, this freedom loving western civilization, as soon as it feels
somehow threaten, as it somehow it feels itself to be today by WikiLeaks,
will just peacefully push aside all this mantra of "freedom of speech and
or expression," and cut everything down to its roots, and act as any other
theocratic country would do.  Therefore to conclude, it is not strange that
it is only the case where the Western Countries are allowed to have murders
like Bush (both of them, ...and guess what, one of them was the director of
the CIA, but it is Ok, we are living in western democracies, freedom loving
people), Tony Blair, Cuban immigrants and the rest South American
terrorist, who, actually, did blow buildings, air plains, assassinated
people, can be seen walking freely.

So, what John has been talking is not something told out of blue, it is
just one small description of a society that loves to live in lies, and
worst of all force the rest of the world, due to its mere military and
financial power to believe in those.  Once someone dares to question the
bone of the issue, that is, to question the true nature of the system
uncovered, it is the moment when gloves are taken off, and the real nature
of the system we are living within is exposed.


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