Joe Lockard on Mon, 13 Dec 2010 05:33:11 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Amazon and Wikileaks

On the principle that protest should be visible, I am forwarding the
following letter sent to


I am deeply disturbed by Amazon's decision to cease hosting Wikileaks
data.  This goes against a core understanding of the meaning of free
expression and a free society.  Using the rationalizations Amazon
employed for its decision would eliminate opportunities to challenge
government policies -- and indeed, were the same explanations applied
consistently, eliminate various titles that Amazon continues to sell
without interruption.  

I am currently in China, where I pursue academic research.  I do not
wish to see US society mirror Chinese society when it comes to free
speech.  Yet by succumbing to this wave of digital McCarthyism the
Amazon organization is acquiescing to such a path.  

I have been a very good customer of Amazon over some years.  While I do
not generally participate in boycotts, finding them mostly unproductive
or even counter-productive, I do believe in shopping where I feel
comfortable doing so.  I no longer feel that Amazon deserves the
business that I have given it and will direct my book purchasing toward
alternative sources.  

Joe Lockard

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