John Young on Mon, 13 Dec 2010 05:42:16 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Utterly surreal: Pravda justifiably criticising US fortrying to stifle a free press How times change.

Astounding aggregation of incessant tweets to: Sign a petition.
And another. Run a mirror, run thousands. See a slew of pointers 
to flattering accounts and attacks by the powerful, none to revulsion 
at the Cirque du Soleil.

We Open Governments. Keep us strong!

Doesn't answer why Wikileaks and its bedmates are ever so 
slowly dribbling the promised 251K cables, one third of each 
are repetitive headers padded for dummies. A daily account
of what's new. A note about which cable has been used for a
news report. A news report is lingua franca magnum opus.

As Important as the Freedom of Information Act: Keep us strong!

And the villainous redactions of "responsible" publishers. Gag, 
what has induced Wikileaks to sink to journalistic preen and 
prevarication about importance? 

Crush the bastards. Keep us strong!

Oh, you say, WL's years long vicious attack on journalism was 
just a come-hither. Now that the desire to fuck is aroused, let's talk
price and sheath.

Thermonuclear Insurance File. Keep us strong!

Ellsberg viagras its me aroused again. Geezers, get some!
Wormy Nixon screams, rescue me Dan, fight these fires. 
Kissinger cooly rakes in another million advising war criminals
unchallenged by Internet-evangelist brimstone spewings.

CIA Women Set Up. Keep us strong!

Keep us strong!
Keep us strong!
Keep us strong!

Did you hear about Phillip Adams, AU millionaire publicist
advising Wikileaks on maximizing impact of leaked material?
Here is an account: discussion blog about the ethical and technical issues 
of the project

No tweets, these trendlesses.

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