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Re: <nettime> Wikileaks and spam

And then a comeback from Spamhaus, itself now under ddos attack..

> As many of you know, both Trend Micro and Spamhaus have published
> warnings about a Wikileaks mirror site '' which is
> run by the person or persons behind 'AnonOps' from an IP address of
> a Russian dedicated cybercrime host (Heihachi) on which there is
> nothing but malware and other cybercrime. Innocent people seeking to
> read or download Wikileaks documents are being directed to the rogue
> server and into the hands of the crime gangs located
> there.

> For trying to warn about the crime gangs located at the
> mirror IP, Spamhaus is now under ddos by AnonOps. The
> criminals there do not like our free speech at all.

> As our site can't be reached now, you can not read our article 
> on this, and we can not continue to warn Wikileaks users not to 
> load things from the Heihachi IP. If you know journalists who would 
> get this message out to Wikileaks users, please forward this 
> message (entire) to them.

The anonymous folks at AnonOps did not like our article update, here's
what we said and what brought the ddos on us:


In a statement released today on entitled "Spamhaus'
False Allegations Against", the person running the site (which is not connected with Julian Assange or
the real Wikileaks organization) called Spamhaus's information on his
infamous cybercrime host "false" and "none of our business" and called
on people to contact Spamhaus and "voice your opinion". Consequently
Spamhaus has now received a number of emails some asking if we "want
to be next", some telling us to stop blacklisting Wikileaks (obviously
they don't understand that we never did) and others claiming we are "a
pawn of US Government Agencies".

None of the people who contacted us realised that the "Wikileaks press
release" published on was not written by Wikileaks and
not issued by Wikileaks - but by the person running the
site only - the very site we are warning about. The site data,
disks, connections and visitor traffic, are all under the control of
the Heihachi cybercrime gang. There are more than 40 criminal-run
sites operating on the same IP address as, including,,, and bank phishes and

Because they are using a Wikileaks logo, many people thought
that the "press release" was issued "by Wikileaks". In fact
there has been no press release about this by Wikileaks and
none of the official Wikileaks mirrors sites even recognise mirror. We wonder how long it will be before
Wikileaks supporters wake up and start to question
is not on the list of real Wikileaks mirrors at <a href="";></a>.

Currently is serving highly sensitive leaked documents
to the world, from a server fully controlled by Russian malware
cybercriminals, to an audience that faithfully believes anything with
a 'Wikileaks' logo on it.

Spamhaus continues to warn Wikileaks readers to make sure they are
viewing and downloading documents only from an official Wikileaks
mirror site. We're not saying "don't go to Wikileaks" we're saying
"Use the server instead".


 Steve Linford

 The Spamhaus Project

Meanwhile does indeed resolve to


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