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Re: <nettime> Pollock, Art History and Cold War [was: Wikileaks is old hat]

Hi Goran, apologies to the list and its moderators if this response
offends etiquette.

Goran said:

it was in context of someone TALKING ABOUT a child's ability to
do better painting than "Pollock,"

You'll see in the thread
that the context was Wikileaks, specifically Jaime Magiera's post,
"Wikileaks is old hat" where it was argued that Wikileaks was unremarkable
in terms of substance and technical implementation. I was first to
using a common reception of Pollock's work as an analogy:

Much like standing in front of a Jackson Pollock painting and saying,
> "what's so fantastic about that, my 5 year old could have done it!". To a
> large extent, Pollock's fame was manufactured...

I wanted to widen scope in Jaime's thread, and question that Wikileaks is
either a manufactured communications campaign, or turning into one. I'm
afraid the analogy proved too distracting.

Pollock, and the reception of high art became the focus of the thread, so a
new thread started, "*Pollock, Art History and Cold War [was: Wikileaks is
old hat]*".

I'm sorry if once again I am laboring the list's etiquette, but given it is
a public archive, I wanted to make clear that I did not say Pollock's work
amounts to the worth of a child's, and challenge the idea that such a
notion was the original context.


On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Goran Maric <goranmaric58@hotmail.com>wrote:

> First, it is not about throwing the names for the sake of throwing THE
> names, it was in context of someone TALKING ABOUT a child's ability to
> do better painting than "Pollock," so pretty much everything that was
> said was in that regard, and discussion developed somewhat further but
> stayed in within that context.

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