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<nettime> putin on open source software (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 01:39:42
From: Jonathan Marshall <Jonathan.Marshall@UTS.EDU.AU>
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Subject: putin on open source software

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has signed a government order that
lays out the groundwork for the transition of federal bodies and agencies
to use free software, including Linux, by 2015.

The 25-point document (available
outlines specific steps the government must take in order to move off
proprietary software and onto free and/or open source alternatives like
Linux. The government order was approved on December 17 and affects all
federal agencies of the federal budget.

Each point of the document names the specific action that must be taken,
the agency responsible for implementing that order, the time frame for
implementation, and the expected result. For example, point #5 instructs
Russia?s Ministry of Communications to form, ?the base package of free
software solutions for typical problems of the federal executive bodies,?
with the expected result a free package of software that includes operating
systems, drivers and application software for servers.

Order #5 calls for, ?creating and maintaining a single repository of free
software used in the federal bodies of executive power,? while order #20
requires, ?the development of departmental plans to move to the use of free
software, including plans for transition of subordinate budget
institutions.? The final order, to be implemented in Q3 2015, calls for,
?preparation of the draft orders of the Government of the Russian
Federation on the adoption of a phased introduction of free software for
the next planning period.?

Russia has been moving in the direction of free software for the last few
years. In 2008, the government ordered schools to implement free software
packages in all of its computers. Schools that now want to use proprietary
software have to pay for it out of their own pockets.

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