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Re: <nettime> The Arpanet Dialogues Vol. II

morlockelloi@yahoo.com (Wed 03/30/11 at 01:05 PM -0700):

> >From the paranoid bench: is there any independent evidence that this is not a
> hoax?
> > These are mind-boggling documents. In the first one, in 1975, Ronald
> > Reagan ('call me Ron'), Marcel Broodthears, Edward Said sitting in

494 links on Google?

It's possible that Jane Fonda and Ronald Reagan sat down for a chat in 
'75, but by that time she'd been Hanoi Jane and he'd been the governor
or California for eight years. And from what I know of US-ZA relations,
I really don't see the DOD inviting Biko to chat with the twenty-four-
year-old Francis Fukuyama. 

I wouldn't call it a hoax -- that's not quite the right word.


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