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<nettime> Wikileaks goes Indian!

bwo Sarai Reader List/ A.Mani
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Wikileaks, Internet and Democracy |

Let us consider this hypothetical scenario:

You are working in a government department. You come across a secret
government document. The document is in digital format . The document
has the names of Swiss bank account holders in India. The document
names  important corporate heads, bureaucrats and political leaders .
The document also has information on illegal sources of these funds.
But, you are under the oath of secrecy not to reveal this.

However you see that important people in power are doing clearly
illegitimate things. You would want the public to know this, in the
interest of the ordinary man. Your conscience doesn't allow you to
grow numb and be silent like rest of the crowd.
Then, you decide to be a whistleblower, ready to face any dire
consequences, which might pose threat to your career, or something
more important.

You think of passing this information to a media house. However you
see that the media houses are working closely with some of the
corporates who have been named in the report and stories are being
planted . You come to the realization that the media is dominated by
paid news. Their major reporters are at a phone call reach to some of
the powerful lobbyists.

Instead of being depressed and/or dejected, if you face this personal
scenario with courage, you could be a person worth your salt by using
a gamut of Free Software (Free as in Freedom) like the TOR, and send
this information safely and discreetly via the internet to a publisher
called the Wikileaks.

What is Wikileaks? Is it important, or firstly is it necessary?
Want to protect your own freedom and the right to voice the truth.
Want to understand Free Software and the technology behind Wikileaks.
Want to understand how the advent of the internet has enabled Free
Software and a publishing format like the Wikileaks.

Once you've read this mail, please visit, where we have put together some
material about Wikileaks and Web Democracy, which we think are
important and essential.

Here is an excerpt from the Hindu Editorial which apprehends about the
threat to freedom to disseminate information.

" For instance, draft rule 3(2)(a) for intermediaries requires the
user not to publish or display information that belongs to another
person. Potentially, secret documents ferreted out by investigative
journalists or whistleblowers in the public interest may be
interpreted to belong to a third party â?? and blocked from the public
domain" []

This means a publisher like Julian Assange (Editor in Chief of
Wikileaks) who uses the Internet to publish suppressed material
obtained via whistleblowers, could be in jail if he happens to do that
in India.

Watch some important videos on Wikileaks and understand the smear
campaign on Wikileaks:

How can you support and be part of this campaign
1) Popularize this page and presentation on the page. Ask more friends
to write and blog about it
2) Distribute support Wikileaks stickers
3) Organise video shows in your college, glug, ngo, institutes, home -
we will be happy to meet you and share the videos
4) Organise talks by Whistleblowers
5) Invite us for a talk on wikileaks, internet and democracy
6) Send us comments to add in the page and add content to the campaign page
7) Sign up on the Support Wikileaks Signature campaign page:

Visit for more details and campaign


A. Mani
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