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Re: <nettime> ISEA 2011 fees

On Fri, 2011-05-13 at 00:52 -0400, Nicholas Knouf wrote:
> I presume that there are many nettimers who are planning on attending
> ISEA 2011 in Istanbul this year.  If you have not looked at the
> registration fees for the conference, prepare yourself for some sticker
> shock.  The fees seem to be disproportionately expensive for a
> conference hosted at a university.  Student fees begin at EUR250, with
> non-student fees beginning at EUR300---and both jump to EUR400 if you
> don't register by Sunday.  In comparison, fees for last year's ISEA were
> EUR100 to EUR150 for non-VIP passes, and fees for ISEA 2008 ranged from
> 100 to 450 Singapore dollars (translating to, if I remember the
> conversion rate correctly at the time, around US$70 to US$320), with the
> highest-priced pass for presenters rounding out at around US$250.
> As a graduate student I am most concerned about what appears to me
> massive gouging of an already cash-strapped population.

I have some knowledge about event and conference planning and would like
to help look into this (what tickets to an event like this *should* cost
given all the relevant circumstances). While it's just my instincts
(which have been wrong before), my first impression based on what you
have posted is that these ticket prices are a bit inflated and/or the
organizers aren't even trying to keep costs down to a reasonable level.

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