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Re: <nettime> ISEA 2011 fees

Hello all,

Fuck yeah. What a great thread. Thanks nick for starting it!

I agree completely about the high level of bullshit that is in effect for us
to pay to present our artwork instead of being paid and that on top of the
incredible cost, for me, of getting to turkey. Although, part of why I want
to attend is to participate in these discussions in this part of the world.
My partner and I have been wondering audibly if we'll survive the month of
august given all of the other huge financial difficulties we're already
dealing with.

I remember hearing about this a few years ago


but the issue seems somehow even more relevant now. i've recently been very
deeply inspired by WAGE:


It seems like we already have a whole lot to talk about just from this
thread here, and I completely agree with roberta that we should raise these
issues at or simultaneously with this particular ISEA, given the difference
in price from last year. Also, I've already paid my fees and am definitely
planning on going.

That's a long way of saying count me in, lets do it. AND lets plan something
for the future. Also, I know the Artivistic collective in Montreal is also
deep in a project about these issues of alternative infrastructures right
now as well and may want to participate!



2011/5/15 roberta buiani <robb@yorku.ca>

> looks like we are all in the same boat, with panels or papers accepted, a
> number of friends and colleagues participating and some outrageously high
> fees to face. in order to pay this amount (and the flight and my stay in a
> hostel...if there is one..) I'll have to take an extra job :-(


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