Gívan Belá on Sun, 22 May 2011 05:47:47 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> ISEA 2011 fees

I basically agree with what andreas is saying but maybe in a slightly different way..

ISEA has - and that is the same with the other conferences and festivals mentioned here - changed over the years together with the stronger conformization and institutionalization of the discipline itself (a convergence from multidisciplinary into more of a disciplinary definition), and that makes sense for its development within economical-industrial, research-academical and educational environments.. and then you will find artists and researchers, more affiliated to different organizations and companies there...

personally I am not so much interested in that for the moment, and would rather opt for going to smaller and more DIY organizations, with a fresher attitude and focus, and not burdoned by its predefined mission, curriculum or status. there are a couple of those gathering places but too few and what we need here is more diversity for sure...

maybe the discussion is also pointing to the growing needs of a new kind of festival/conference/gathering formula, more informal and more open, and without the outrageous access fees (whatever you think of that.. olala) and without competitive selection procedures providing some "other" qualities reflecting experimental, and unruly aesthetical activities...

so I would suggest that we leave the luxury cruise ship for what it is, and together build another boat to sail the wild media art seas, wherever that is taking us, non-affiliated artists and organizers, etc...? [in the long run also ISEA and the other events would benefit from it (it is a small world after all)]

givan bela

dear friends,

What I would like to see coming out of  this discussion is not a
critique directed towards ISEA, but a comprehensive and constructive
critique (and action) surrounding the way these events are
conceived, whom they are targeting, how we can (can we?) come out
with alternatives.

i think what would help would be to hear from some people what they
think about ISEA and why they think it is important. the frustration
that has been voiced here about the istanbul fees is a clear sign
that there is a great desire to go and participate in ISEA2011, and i
think it would be important to understand what people are expecting
in order to know how to either change the system of ISEA, or invent

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