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<nettime> firewall pelting

>From Jay Brown, our friend and travel companion. I will be in Wuhan in a few days along with nettimers Brian and Claire, at Wuhan University, we will certainly ask about this incident. 

Dan w.


From: Kevin Carrico
Subject: father of firewall pelted (2)

This affair has managed to create one of the greatest ironies of the entire
CCP Internet censorship regime- Fang's name has now become a "sensitive
term," blocked on the Sina micro-blog service.

>From Twitter this afternoon (Beijing time): RT @bitinn
<http://twitter.com/bitinn>  ææååæååâææåâåäæçææèãååèåç

Kevin Carrico 

From: kirk
Subject: father of firewall pelted

Source: Want China Times (5/19/11):

Father of Great Firewall pelted at Wuhan University
By Staff Reporter

Fang Bingxing (ææè), the principal of Beijing University of Posts &
Telecommunications, also dubbed the Father of the Great Firewall, was
reportedly pelted with eggs and a shoe while giving a lecture at Wuhan
University on Thursday afternoon (May 19).

While the eggs launched at Fang seem to have missed, the shoe thrown by a
female student allegedly struck its target. Though reports of the attack
have not been confirmed, netizens in China reposted the news widely online
soon after and online encyclopedia Wikipedia has listed the incident in Fang
Bingxing's entry.

Fang is known for his substantial contribution to China's internet
censorship infrastructure. He began working at the National Computer Network
Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China in 1999 as
deputy chief engineer and from 2000 he served as chief engineer and
director. It was in this position that he oversaw the development of the
filtering and blocking technology that has become known as China's "Great

Internet users regard Fang as an enemy who has stripped netizens of the
ability to view and download online content freely. After hearing that Fang
was due to give a lecture at Wuhan University, netizens jokingly offered
rewards to whoever could successfully pelt him with an object.

Rewards on offer included a DVD of Japanese porn star Sora Aoi, one night at
a five star hotel in Hong Kong, one large hug, a round trip air ticket to
Shanghai, a week in California, or one night stand with the person offering
the prize. It is believed all the rewards mentioned are genuine.

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