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Date: 23/05/2011 5:52 PM
Subject: Re: <nettime> Spanish protests in English
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i just translated this


Mindful of the attack is being prepared. Concrete ideas for specific

"For a real democracy now.

We have prepared the first nonviolent action and mass struggle together. Help
us spread it, participate in it wherever you are!

Banks and speculators have been the main cause of the crisis so that they
will be targeted first attack our nonviolent.

The 30th of May we will express our outrage against abuse practiced by the
banks against citizens not only independently but also against states.

Today we launched a peaceful and subtle, yet forceful and appealing enough
to clearly show the anger we feel, and our strength and commitment to reach
the final. Today we launched the first attack non-violent show the world our
imagination, determination and commitment to achieve the goal of seeing
accomplished our ultimate vindication: to install a real democracy.

We appeal to all those who agree with our demands, to participate in a
massive withdrawal of capital from the banks the 30th of May.

If you are, we suggest you move out in one bank the amount of 155 euros in
your account. The operation may be carried out throughout the day,
preferably going to branches or using automated teller machines (with
multiples of 10 -> 150).

The reason for choosing that particular number, it is because we had to pick
a significant and symbolic figure with enough force to demonstrate to banks
that these movements are motivated from the same indignation that made us
mobilize on 15 May.

Regarding the May 30, it is because we believe it is a reasonable time so
that the message can be disseminated properly and reach the greatest number
of people to help us be as effective in our non-violent attack against the
voracity of the banks, against the established economic system, against tax
havens, against speculation and the general interest, solidarity, in short
people. Also, on that date 15 days have elapsed since the start of
mobilization, and another good symbolic moment to remember that our movement
has only just begun.

The 30th of May, will hear all the voices screaming in unison that another
world is possible.

The 30th of May the people's voice heard more strongly than political

The 30th of May, you can count on the outrage of the people, the active
demand for real democracy, which takes into account people over the
economic, financial, speculative ... people over the markets.

The next day May 30 will give a further step towards a better world.

We count on you, report the post. Involved. We continue to see every day in
the seats. "

On 23 May 2011 03:41, maria ptqk <> wrote:

> > Hi.
> >
> > I summed-up some digital resources about Spanish protests in English,
> since most of the ...

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