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Re: <nettime> The army of love vs the army of software

I think two much more interesting (but less romantic and actionist)
line of attack would be to prevent the financial sector from luring
and capturing the best brains in computer science, a.o.t. by way of
exorbitant remunerations. An another would be to firmly put a cap
on the sphere of accountancy, which in the last thirty years, has
managed to invade both minds and processes, not only in finance, but
in society at large, so that the Cult of Mamon has for all practical
purposes been replaced by the Cult of the Number, whose beginning
and end, as we all know, is Zero.

Easiest way to implement the collapse of the finance sector (and
likely most functions of the nation-state) is to stop placing ones
trust in abstracted fiscal instruments (i.e. MONEY) -- when you do
this, BINGO! the whole abstract facade falls down...


John Hopkins
Watching the Tao rather than watching the Dow!

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