fran ilich on Wed, 2 Nov 2011 09:43:38 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> The Revolutionary Role of a Transnational Counterparty

hi dmitry, 

specially if you ask yourself what is it that the people on the
occupy wall street movement are demanding from the bankers, better
performance in helping them maintain their lifestyle. are they aware
that citibank (formerly known as the city bank of new york) owns
banamex (the national bank of mexico, who retains the name but is not
national anymore)? and what does this asimmetry reveals?

and do the spanish people even know that they're economy is so
dependent in the colonial parasiting of -for instance- latin america?
there's a whole level of irreality on this 'first world' protests,
that are definitely very important on the symbolic level, but if they
don't start looking really into the complexity of economical global
relations than what they experience on their local and national

maybe instead of focusing so much on the economic scam that has
been so obvious to the underdeveloped and third world countries
for centurys, it might be a good opportunity to create updated
institutions or forms of organizations to balance power over the
networks, in order to create exchanges that are more fair to all
parties involved. and who knows, maybe this way europe and north
america will continue to feel cheated -if not more cheated than how
they feel now in this crisis.



On Nov 1, 2011, at 7:00 AM, Dmytri Kleiner wrote:

>> Have you been following the Spanish precursor to the occupy
>> movement?
> Yes, but certainly not the exact demographics.

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