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<nettime> Why Greeks should not be offended by British TV

Folks, I found out a few days ago that there is a new reality show on
Channel 4 called  "Go Greek for a Week" apparently mocking the way
Greek society operates [1], [2].

The first thing that needs to be said, without a doubt many things in
Greece need fixing, but then again same thing can be said about pretty
much any other country--with the exception perhaps of  [put your pref

Also we should mentioned that reality shows seem something of a craze
on British TV [3]. These vary from the mildly useful to the ridiculus
[4], [5], [6].

One way to explain this proliferation is the cost of the shows which
involves in many cases a camera and a commentator following the
action. Seems to me that is a serious consideration given the move of
audience towards the Web.

But the cost alone is not enough imo. We need to situate reality shows
within the general strategy of the elite to educate, influence, and
control the British people.

This strategy does not involve only reality shows but media in
general. Films are interesting because there was heavy British
involvement in Hollywood from early on and continues to this day. It
is very instructive for the students of propaganda how modern day
Britain is represented on Hollywood films as the place for Americans
to go and find something real / clean / pure, a place where they can
discover their origins.

There are a number of films that follow this idea and perhaps students
of film theory can research this idea further, but let me mention a
very famous example: Notting Hill [7]. Any student of propaganda
should watch this film again from this angle.

What I am suggesting in no uncertain terms is that the 'educative'
aspect of the reality shows and the 'Britain as a pure place of
origins' pattern are two aspects of the same elitist strategy to
influence, manipulate and ultimately control their own people.

So in conclusion, my Greek compatriots should not be feel offended too
much from British reality shows because the we are not really the
target here, rather Greece is used as a mechanism by which British
people are trained towards 'acceptable' behavior.

So despite the problems in Greece we still have a chance to make a
more egalitarian society, in contrast to Britain where there is so
much well organized and efficient control and manipulation.

my 0.02 (bits)

S. (Sam) Kritikos



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"helps consumers get good deals when purchasing goods"

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[7] Notting Hill (1999)

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