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Re: <nettime> Mute article on Bitcoin

hi Josie,

On Wed, 22 Feb 2012, Josephine Berry Slater wrote:

> This feature on Mute argues that in the most substantial ways,
> Bitcoin is a continuation of, not alternative to, money and the
> systemic violence and inequality it guarantees.

> M | U | T | E | __ rrrrrread it!
> ________________________________________________22 February 2012_
> Bitcoin - Finally Fair Money?
> Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency deploying peer-to-peer
> networking to enable secure and anonymous transactions without a central
> bank. Unlike many economic commentators, The Wine and Cheese
> Appreciation Society and Scott Len take the currency seriously but
> ask, how exactly does it differ from 'real' money?
> http://linkme2.net/ra

A rather quick conclusion, comprehensible since it takes some
knowledge of cryptography to understand that Bitcoin is less than what
you are talking about, while what might come next is the most
interesting part.

Since the next Bitcoin conference will be in London, I hope to see you
there, but please leave some prejudices at home: these are very open
grounds, not a public funded get-together of old lefties :^)



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