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Re: <nettime> The Vegetative Prince Will Not Wake Up: Dutch Prince Friso medical ethics and the ordeal of social inequality

Eutanasia is euphemism for the transgression of the popular taboos
regarding suicide.

The general public's inability to deal with the concept of suicide
breaks down when it become obvious, all the way down to the lowest
cretins, that the poor thing is suffering too much, an if the
poor thing had not been subjected to the lifelong life-worship
brainwashing, it may have offed itself long time ago.

If the suicide was a legitimate exit strategy for everyone, accepted
by the society, businesses and governments, then eutanasia would be
a non-issue: those who are still alive should be kept alive at all
costs, because they had the chance to exercize the choice.

In other words, this thread is discussing a wrong issue. Eutanasia
"problem" is a simple consequence of illegitimacy of the suicide, a
religious phenomenon that elevates "life" to something the meek should
not fuck with.

Just ask HST.

[BTW, save me from the "sudden brain death with no choice opportunity"
examples. They have validity as much as "ticking bombs" excuse
torture. With no brain there is no suffering, keeping a lump of meat
warm or cold is just expensive entertainment for the living, and we
are all entitled to entertainment.]

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