StÃphane Mourey on Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:49:17 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> subjective math .

Hi Brian,

I feel the same way as you about t the "democracy" in France, where I'm
living, and any other "democratic" country today, as far I know them. My
proposal was not for them, it was an abstract thinking, and the
"yes/no/neither" case was just one case among others you can imagine. Of
course, a deep thinking about blank vote and abstention is required to give
them their right meaning, and I may give you mine once if you want, but it
was out of the scope. I submit this proportional voting idea to your
judgement as your paradoxic logic make me think about it.
In fact, I thought the "yes/no/neither" as the minimal case, but it is not
as blank and abstention do not have the same meaning, I think that the real
minimal case is 'yes/no/blank/abstention".
By the way, the sample page is really heavy, as I do the minimal work to
make it work... the "picture" is really heavy as it is an PHP generated
HTML table and the page make take a long time to load. Maybe you were not
patient enough to load the whole page and see the example working. May you
try again ? It works
well with FF 15, IE 9, Chrome.


St??phane Mourey

2012/9/7 brian carroll <>

>  Hello St??phane
>  The point is : "To increase freedom, I thought about a system that allow
>> me to share my voice between the different possibilities in the proportion
>> I want."
>  I visited your project page and while I could not get the
>  javascript example to function the basic idea is there
>  and it is quite interesting to consider in terms of voting.

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