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Re: <nettime> Vice, Freedom and Capitalist Market Expansion

Vice may be our only chance.

The problem is really not the capitalism. The problem is that we are too efficient.

In the first world only 10-15% need to "work" to provide all goods and services. The fact that the rest is not happy with unemployment employs another 20% in various thugs with guns occupations - security, police, military.

It looks like the productivity required to fulfill all needs invented in the last millenia (food, shelter, basic entertainment, cheap sex etc.) was reached some time in 20th century. After that, the increasing advertising managed to manufacture new needs (generally by infantilizing the public, as infants need more), which worked for the next few decades. In other words, the jobs were created either in the security apparatus or for fulfillment of artificial needs.

But it doesn't work any more. There are no jobs because no one needs their output. Capitalism producing super-rich is a secondary issue. The primary issue is that no one really gives a flying fuck for what most of population would produce.

To create job demand, you need either to annihilate the existing need-fulfillment infrastructure, or to design new needs. 

I personally prefer new vices to war. 

> And, does our understanding of "human rights" make any sense outside of
> the need to expand these capitalist markets?
> If one is "opposed" to capitalism and the market economy, then were do
> you stand on vice?
> Mark Stahlman

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