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<nettime> CATALAN INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT is a belated form of nationalism and a denial of what the economic crisis is about

CATALAN INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT is a state of denial of what produced
the economic crisis. Eager nationalist who will ride on the social
discontent to just impose yet another exploitative class... as if
Catalan banks and eager speculators and so on were not involved
... it will bring turmoil and has - historical speaking - a lot of
reactionary effects that could lead to an Iberian Civil War, as
ugly as the Yugoslavian one. When Catalonia breaks off, you may
imagine what the Basques will do and what violence they have in
stock. Sheer mass-stupidty in my opinion. There is plenty of regional
autonomy in the Spanish federal like monarchy. They better get rid of
the institution of the Franco imposed king and make finally a real
(confederate) Spanish Republic. Belated 21st century nationalism has
nothing good in stock for any future. Let 'nationality' be first of
all and last of all 'a cultural identity' ...

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