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Re: <nettime> Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Rules for the digital world

Quoth Cornelia Sollfrank:

> Thanks for sending via email.
> Imagine you would have had to hand-write the information and send it to all subscribers of nettime via postcard;-)

Well in fairness the postcard suggestion was "If you have a 
confidential message", which I'm pretty sure doesn't count for 
posting a translation of a message to a publically archived list.

Thanks Florian for the translation, I like the rules very much. I do 
wish the sort of "stay safe online" advice schools give out was more 
like this. But that assumes schools to be quite different 
institutions than they are.

The one rule I wasn't sure about was #3, "Online banking is a 
blessing, but only for secret services and criminals." It's 
certainly useful for a criminal (though depending on the bank, that 
may be more of a problem for them than for you, according to if 
they'll admit responsibility and refund you), but is it useful for 
secret services? All the transactions you can make with online 
banking are recorded and (I presume) can be obtained easily by 
secret services just as readily offline.


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