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Re: <nettime> Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Rules for the digital world

If you have a confidential message use poetry for encryption.

"Moazzam Begg, who spent three years in Guant?namo Bay before being
released without charge in January 2005, began writing poetry as a way of
explaining what he was going through. He knew that everything he wrote
would be censored, so used poetry to try to describe his situation to his
family." (

I think today's kids are instinctively aware of those issues. It's a matter
of "being On/Off" for them, as they put it into words. Like walking down a
street in public, "being On".

On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 1:54 PM, Nick <> wrote:

> Quoth Cornelia Sollfrank:
> > Thanks for sending via email.
> >
> > Imagine you would have had to hand-write the information and send it to
> all subscribers of nettime via postcard;-)
> Well in fairness the postcard suggestion was "If you have a
> confidential message", which I'm pretty sure doesn't count for
> posting a translation of a message to a publically archived list.

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