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Re: <nettime> Post-digital

Am 10.03.2014 um 09:51 schrieb mp:

> and this is not a joke either: communal/collective spaces for
> communication can be really good. A place to meet. A digital square.

i have to admit i less and less believe in this.
the only thing i am strongly recognizing is, that friends, people and socitey are getting more and more unreal, the more they are integrated in this digital communication sphere.

the same thing applys to you.
i can insult you, laugh about you, ignore you, or praise you.
nothing happens.

fact is, all of you are not real. so i am i to you.
i am just an e-mail with some texts, letters, etc for you.
believe it or not. this is the new antisocial reality.

an e-mail

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