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Re: <nettime> Post-digital

On 10/03/14 11:57, kontakt |ïflorian kuhlmann wrote:

> Am 10.03.2014 um 09:51 schrieb mp:
>> and this is not a joke either: communal/collective spaces for 
>> communication can be really good. A place to meet. A digital
>> square.
> i have to admit i less and less believe in this. the only thing i am
> strongly recognizing is, that friends, people and socitey are getting
> more and more unreal, the more they are integrated in this digital
> communication sphere.
> the same thing applys to you. i can insult you, laugh about you,
> ignore you, or praise you. nothing happens.
> fact is, all of you are not real. so i am i to you. i am just an
> e-mail with some texts, letters, etc for you. believe it or not. this
> is the new antisocial reality.

yes, and probably due to having stared at the screen for too long, you
missed the point (and you appear to say the same thing, but present as
if it was a contraindication): if we both had had to go to some real
space and place,
with chairs, windows, cables, doors and an outside, perhaps a little
cafe with some Zapatista coffee, we could have had a chat about this -
maybe at the "nettime table" - and then I wouldn't have had to clarify
by email and could instead have spend more time with you there, or my
kids in the garden.

Ever been in an Indian phone centre? Now that'a a buzzing place..


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