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Re: <nettime> A message from the police: IF YOU SUSPECT IT, REPORT IT

On Jul 17, 2014, at 01:26 , Orsan Senalp <orsan1234@gmail.com> wrote:

> Yesterday Brics signed up for the contenter to IMF and WB... If those Western ruling elite, which do not have good partnerships possibility with especially Chinese and Indian giants, want to survive then they will have to unembed the name of democracy from Europe and North America.. Can that manage I don't think so, but what is for sure is that they will do what ever they can to be able to compete and stay in power! The islamic terror is needed to legitimise the emerging fascism and oppressive State in order to fix this..

I can't wait to see how the New Development Bank will do it different from "The West."  Did they just invent neo-post-colonialism?  Or is it distributed imperialism?

With China and Russia both flexing their military muscles, albeit cautiously, I'm not surprised that IBSA is getting on board.  Maybe three more regional powers can pivot from defensive to aggressive postures with the right backup, and carve up some more pie.  Or maybe it's enough to simply declare allegiance to the other side, and buy a little breathing room from the yankee diktat.

A competitive duopoly, I guess, is slightly better than a monopoly.  Although Ukrainians of all ethnicities might disagree at the moment, as would Syrians.

I can only foresee a tied-aid cold-war style competition for spheres of influence.  And may the most capitalist player win.

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