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<nettime> Announcing a Special Issue of the Australian Journal of Anthropology

Announcing a Special Issue of the Australian Journal of Anthropology Vol 25. No 2

Communication technology and social life:

Ethnography enables a focus on the complex intertwining of society, culture and technology allowing us to see how technologies are being transformed by existing modes of life, while simultaneously having a ???messy??? influence over those lives, resulting in what are often unexpected consequences. This special issue discusses the use of mobile phones in Papua New Guinea and along the borders of Haiti and the Dominican Republic; the mixture of phone and internet usage in Central Australia and among the Tongan diaspora in Melbourne; the use of internet based video translation practices focused on West Papuan politics; and the disorder produced by software in work environments in Australia.

Jonathan Paul Marshall and Tanya Notley "Communication technology and social life: Transformation and continuity, order and disorder", pp.127-37.

Alexandra Crosby and Tanya Notley "Using video and online subtitling to communicate across languages from West Papua", pp138-54.

Heather A. Horst and Erin B. Taylor "The role of mobile phones in the mediation of border crossings: A study of Haiti and the Dominican Republic", pp 155-170.

Inge Kral "Shifting perceptions, shifting identities: Communication technologies and the altered social, cultural and linguistic ecology in a remote indigenous context", 171-189.

Jonathan Paul Marshall "The social (dis)organisation of software: Failure and disorder in information society", pp190-206.

Makiko Nishitani "Kinship, gender, and communication technologies: Family dramas in the Tongan diaspora", pp 207-222.

Borut Telban and Daniela V??vrov?? "Ringing the living and the dead: Mobile phones in a Sepik society", 223-38.

Petronella Vaarzon-Morel "Pointing the Phone: Transforming Technologies and Social Relations among Warlpiri", 239-55.

For anyone who is interested there is a related collection of papers, more aimed at social life on the internet, at Global Media Journal Australian Edition

Notely, Marshall, & Salazar "Guest Editorial"

Crystal Abidin "Cyber-BFFs: Assessing women's 'perceived interconnectedness' in Singapore's commercial lifestyle blog industry". 

Rebekah Cupitt "Phantasms collide: Navigating video-mediated communication in the Swedish workplace".

Elaine Lally "Creative interactions and improvable digital objects in cloud-based musical collaboration".

Theresa Lynn Petray "Self-writing a movement and contesting indigeneity: Being an Aboriginal activist on social media".

Rhian Morgan "Death in Space and the Piracy Debate: Negotiating ethics and ontology in Entropia Universe".

Tanya Notley, Juan Salazar & Alexandra Crosby "Online video translation and subtitling: examining emerging practices and their implications for media activism in South East Asia".

Jonathan Paul Marshall "The Mess of Information and the Order of Doubt".

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