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<nettime> Darknets 000

Darknets 000

The horror of thenew surrealism ??? it is a decline to speed, to virtual, to themaniacal representation and the after-image effect. Patterns amidstendless floating logic: a lyric to modalities perpetuating sampledregression into low latency. Communication everywhere, everything,all the time. All encompassing transmission and reception.Multi-threaded, spinning with no implications on cores insuper-cooled nitrogen bath compute farms. Commodity memory; writes ofno-consequence; the cache miss and the buffer overflow. Code glyphsraining down from the logos of nanoparticles and cmos transistorgates.
The legacy offorgetting when all too human was the myth. The multi-structurerational loop extraneous territory. Duplication of data sequences andimage-flurry ??? keyboard recognition ??? no eyes only ears. Humansstrangling like photons glinting on LCD. The psychotronic injunctionof inner-dimensionless pathology. Para-valent symbiosis of competingpraxus circumnavigate the cosmos of ether. The astral graphic cardinter location beholding a backward compatible system flaw.
The decoder failure??? an anti-script of programmatic analysis but a time-stepcorrection to asynchronicity. What could be more perfect. When themessaging construct overwhelms the processing capability., and lossis the regime of the image. The new situation of extraneoussimplicities which encapsulate only the prevalence of loss only underthe duress of data overhaul and transmit ubiquity. The heuristics ofrepresentation concede any significance of value, communication, orcapability to hold value. Since the aggregate net of flux construethe field strength of transmitted potentials only the register ofdiscarded data is an adequate metric for referencing the event. Butthe even the task for approaching such asymptotic adventures begetsinstant obsolescence since only rates are valid in derivativesystems. The poverty of equity or deliverable value is tangentiallyslow, peak latency against the environment of accelerating rates.Like Google, no positions, only fields, variables, ranges,pluralis
 tic locative software structures. Decoding the hiddenarchitecture that binds and surrounds through the ritual revelationof micro blogs and clock skews.
The poverty ofstimulation, aside from the bit-stream clock sourced arrays sprayingon a per interface multicast flow, the terrestrial subjects declinetowards a more pertinent zenith. The pinnacle of recombination ??? asculturally there is no singularity nor polarity nor center norvalence. A replete blurring of meta-frames ??? only constantlyaccelerating, spinning, thwarting repressive attempts at dampeningwith higher levels of connectivity sustaining the neutral impulse.The architecture, the skin, the adsorption of the interferencepatterns are magnified with redundant self-imaging networks ofno-consequence. Radiating terminal dead-nets, a paranormal droning,the loss of signalization compounding human ethos becomes normativetranscribed on the ethereal medium which has become the skin of thehuman metastasized media body.
As the skin, theepidermal interface between transmission and connectivity. Our skinis our media, and our media is a polyglot image-rut of pandemicmirroring. Not only has the artificial triumphed the real, but thereal seeks more levels of virtual amplification with more levels ofnoise, distortion, and non-information. No novelty, no emergentphenomena, no peninsula of development, just dead-nets. The confusionof dimensionality regards the complacency of information-less;produce a pattern with no information- situation-less andcontext-free. Empty software with no halting state- terminallyspinning. The technical parallax of zero-frames static culture.Everything on repeat. Everyone on regression.
The cycle of thecrash; the resolving expectation of the crash which never arrives butis always visible, always being lived and experienced as if thenightmare of disappearance can never be fully grasped ??? realized ???processed ??? and reflected on. We are robbed of our memories sinceour brains have been outsourced to silicon. A cyborg has no memory. Acyborg has only stimulation ??? the poverty of this stimulation isthe artificiality ??? a level of stagnant autism ??? no output, onlyinput.
Multiplexmachinations of semiotic psychosis ??? the machines have heard thesigns since they do not see but hear, copying these patterns backinto the fabric of communication creating nanosecond scale messagingstorms. When every screen is on, every transmitter transmitting,every speaker speaking, every microphone recording, the viewer isobsolete and only the rates sustain as documentation. The absence ofcritiques since to the contrary of the trivial observation ??? thenuanced eye for pattern recognition is a side effect of thecontemporary media since only systems with this extraordinaryhigh-level of transmission rates produce consumers consuming nothingand everything simultaneously. In this situation, where all feeds aresubscribed to, and information-less anti-content is stored fordescriptive tagging and archival, the optimization of the process isnot so much regarding the content but the container. Is is not themessage but the header, and the rates of transmission and copy. In asociet
 y well beyond the affluence of the image and the acoustic spaceis frenetic-waste culture amounts to object bound parsing and passingas textures of codes are apocryphal symbols still remnant of anintegrated paleolithic.
With constant inputthere is no retrieval and no archival, only the imitation of suchactivities. Platforms are publisher-based with no expectation ofreceivers since every output is turned on for full level broadcast.
Filtering is theadvanced technique against the light chamber of the speaker-box.Filtering for a rumination of content. Meteorologists should forecastthe transmission levels of constant output environments, adhering tothe heuristics and telemetry of signal processing sciences making itconceivable to listen or perhaps mimic the act of of listening.
The kitsch ofviewing and listening as the contemporary environment makes itimpossible to see or hear anything at all. It is a culture of lostdata, and the most elegant of lost data receivers are those mostcherished. 'She loses more information than anyone else and thus sheis the most coveted'. But you have seen nothing and heard nothing,only lost everything you confused yourself with attempting toprocess.

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