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Re: <nettime> Backstabbing can make you feel 'dirty'

On 23/Sep/14 02:44, nettime's avid reader wrote:

Backstabbing can make some feel 'dirty,' says new study
Toronto â If schmoozing for work leaves you with a certain "ick" factor,
that's not just awkwardness you're feeling.

Professional backstabbing can create feelings of moral impurity and
physical dirtiness, shows a new study.


Significantly, people who had more power in the office were less likely
to report feeling dirty when it came to backstabbing, and engaged in it
more often. That effect can make it harder to penetrate existing power
structures, because it means those already in power are more comfortable
with backstabbing and continue to reinforce and advance their positions.
By contrast, those with less power feel more tainted by backstabbing --
even though they need it the most âand may have a harder time advancing
themselves or improving their job performance.

Those negative feelings can be overcome when people start to see
backstabbing as being about more than just themselves, such as an
opportunity to develop the backstabber's knowledge of their industry, with
the benefit being passed on to whomever they work with, points out Prof.


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