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Re: <nettime> Hackers can't solve Surveillance

This is exactly the issue - the (assumed) need for interpretation.

If there is a small number of potential interpreters who really understand issues (1 in 1000?), and even smaller number among those who are willing to interpret to the public for altruistic reasons (1 in 1,000,000?), then it is trivial to hijack the interpreted message and drawn it into whatever narrative the highest bidder needs, which is what is going on today.

I think that there may be a critical fraction value (CFV), the number of people who understand some issue, and if that number is above CVF, then the population cannot be easily manipulated by the bandwidth owners.

Looking at the past, I'll make a wild guess that CVF is somewhere around 2-5%.

Getting this number up, closer to CVF, is generally termed 'education'.

Regarding crypto and the information hygiene, I think that we are currently far below CVF. If you start from the assumption that this cannot be fixed, then there is no hope.

On 1/4/15, 10:45, John Hopkins wrote:

particular technological concept is any solution -- I think more
principled understandings that are not so difficult to grasp, when
presented in the right way, can address this problem. Given that the
tech is predicated on systems theory -- perhaps some critical systems
thinking could go a long way in allowing people to understand many of
the power relationships that are operational in the present situation.

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