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Re: <nettime> Tagging Banksy: Using Geographic Profiling to

   Are you sure? The first paragraph reads:
   >The pseudonymous Banksy is perhaps the most famous artist in
   Britain. His works regularly sell for hundreds of thousands of
   pounds but despite his popularity â and despite intense media
   interest â his identity officially remains a mystery. Here, we use
   geographic profiling, a statistical technique originally developed
   to prioritise large lists of suspects in cases of serial crime such
   as murder, rape and arson, to assess the evidence supporting one
   prominent candidate.Â
   Even if the paper is published in a journal that has existed for more
   than ten years and still has not reached an impact factor of 0.5, it
   must be considered extremely poor, and should have been rejected on
   methodological grounds. 

   In fact, it is so bad one might suspect a classical Banksy scheme
   here: inventing a few QMW researchers and getting a rogue paper
   published on his own art. But since academia today is chock full
   of people that cannot read and write, and perhaps as Alexander
   Bard noted on this list recently, will be gone within a decade,
   the truth is probably more mundane: stepping all over the personal
   integrity of a named person suspected of the graffiti "crime" to
   get well-paid consultancy work for three-letter organizations,

   This is how the paper ends.

   >Ethical note: the authors are aware of, and respectful of, the
   privacy of Mr. Gunningham and his relatives and have thus only used
   data in the public domain. We have deliberately omitted precise

   After that are the references, sporting these gems as the first four ->
   Bull, M., 2010. Banksy locations (& tours): vol.2: an unofficial
   history of art locations in London. 5th revised ed. Wiltshire:
   Shellshock Publishing.

   Bull, M., 2013. Banksy locations (& tours): vol.1: an unofficial
   history of art locations in London. 5th revised ed. Wiltshire:
   Shellshock Publishing.

   Jordan, J., and Horsburgh, N., 2005. Mapping jihadist terrorism in
   Spain. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 28, 169â191.

   Joseph, C.A., 2008. Graffiti artist Banksy
   unmasked... as a former public schoolboy from
   middle-class suburbia. Daily Mail Available

   I would suggest this journal put a sticker on their next issue
   like Banksy did: "New issue, now with 10% more CRAP". Oh, and if
   Banksy reads this, please contact me if you need help hacking the
   surveillance camera software around the homes of the authors. M.

   On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 12:17 AM Marco Jacquemet
   <[2]> wrote:

     Â  Â It would be nice to have a link to a free download of this
     Â  Â Right now the only option is Francis and Taylor website, where
     Â  Â charge USD 234.00 for issue! As you may know, there's an
     ongoing fight
     Â  Â (especially in Europe, see for instance [3]
     Â  Â [4] against this prostitution of
     Â  Â scholarship.

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