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Re: <nettime> Fwd: Re: Shoshana Zuboff > The Secrets of Surveillance

The question is, does it matter at all?

The degree of mind-engagement is irrelevant if not properly coupled with feet-engagement.

In other words, whatever you do with your fingers touching plastic surfaces and your eyes scanning electronic screens, your brain constructing fantastic models of could-be worlds, regurgitating those worlds with other plastic-touchers, may be a totally irrelevant honey-trap, if it does not result in your feet taking you somewhere and eventually confronting men with guns. And it does not appear to result in that at all.

While it may be hard to accept, no one in position of control gives a flying fuck about these ideas - that's why you can do these idea exercises ad nauseam and publish all you want. The feet coupling is lost. The only way to regain such coupling may be a forced abstaining from plastic-touching.

At the same time, there is a whole generation of people experimenting
with new social values and forms of being together, centering
arounf networked collaboration and complex systems thinking,
all-based on digital technology but extending from experimentation

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