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Swarms of little fish being eaten by larger, then those by larger, is happening in many industries as well as among countries. It is hard indeed to find anyone from the swarm who know how contest the largers so they take buyouts, managerial positions, deanships, public intellectualism and tough-love criticism, in order to prepare the swarm, to terrify it into a fishball, for inescapable consumption. Student loans, home loans, country loans, fish farms the swarm, places nets around the fishfood manufacturies, dispenses perfectly design fish food to turn exactly the fish designed for delicious precarity on a gourmet's groaning board of transcontinental luxury.

Beware the little fish spies soliciting for the engorging leviathan, often coutured by toothless "surveillance" and further cloaked by rewarding disdain of "capitalism."

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On 2016-03-15 07:42, Brian Holmes wrote:

> In the US, the classic sequence of a long downswing is unfolding:
> inventions pile up while the economy stagnates, so the inventions
> are not brought to market. They pile up: electric cars, vastly more
> efficient batteries, driverless cars, digital manufacturing, smart
> grids, solar power, Internet of things, to list just a few. Some
> of this research is crucially sponsored by the federal governments
> (batteries and digital manufacturing are the US ones I happen to
> know about).

At the same time, there is a whole generation of people experimenting
with new social values and forms of being together, centering
arounf networked collaboration and complex systems thinking,
all-based on digital technology but extending from experimentation
with currencies, to self-made cars to urban food production,
community-based financing, neighbourhood power stations etc etc. I
think this offers a real chance to break with consumerist/precarized
notions of individuality and open the doors towards some different
configuration of subjectivity.

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