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Re: <nettime> Adam Phillips > Doomsday Savior? How Paul Ryan Will Pick the Next President

This strategy can be defeated, but with grave consequences:

1. The Democrats obtain a majority in the Senate. 

2. The Democrats refuse to attend the House of Representatives until
January 3rd. At that time the next clause of 12th Amendment kicks in and
then the 20th Amendment and now we are in deep shit, because the 20th
Amendment seems to conflict with the remainder of the 12th. Unless the
Senate, as specified in the last part of the 12th Amendment chooses the
Vice President who acts as President indefinitely.

3. However, Republicans in the Senate can refuse to attend the Senate so
no quorum can be met. And there is no stated time limit here. 

4. We are then thrown back to the vague language of the 20th Amendment
whereby the Congress, i.e. both parties together choose the President.

5. More deep shit: Republican House v. Democratic Congress. In an era of
division we are thrown into a Constitutional crisis which a deadlocked
Supreme Court cannot resolve. 

Is Mitch McConnell is in effect creating the groundwork for a coup

Keith Sanborn

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> Doomsday Savior? How Paul Ryan Will Pick the Next President

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