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<nettime> Richard Stallman: Eradicate Facebook!

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original interview in Le Devoir (Montreal) (in French):

Richard Stallman wants to destroy Facebook to protect privacy
sivertime | March 16, 2016 | Techno | 

Is Facebook the sworn enemy of democracy and privacy? 
In any case think that Richard Stallman, father of the free software 
that calls for a boycott.

Passage in Quebec, Richard Stallman gave a speech at Laval University
on digital freedoms, and of course, free software. The man behind the
GPL and dream of a world in which proprietary software – which he
calls “privateurs” – simply do not exist anymore.

The man believes the network of Mark Zuckerberg is a fundamental
obstacle to privacy. In an interview collected by Le Devoir, he says
: “We must eliminate Facebook to protect privacy.” He added that
Facebook “much more uses its users that its users do not use it
(…) It is a perfectly calculated service to retrieve and collect a
lot of data on people’s lives.”

For Stallman, proprietary software is a fundamental obstacle to
freedom since the editor is able to decide the content, functionality,
impose censorship or deploy at will update.

For Facebook, the data collected – with the consent of the internet
– obviously used to provide a more effective targeted advertising.
In parallel of Mr. Stallman, it is interesting to note that Facebook
is one of the companies that have publicly supported Apple in the case
against the FBI seeking access to encrypted data of iPhone. Facebook
has also signed a motion in court.

Marketing real concern strategy? Anyway, the giant community has also
set up a specific URL only accessible from browsers provided with an
extension providing support Tor and facilitated communications PGP
encrypted with the help of protonmail.

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