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Re: <nettime> notes from the DIEM25 launch

   Just a quick catch-up note to keep you posted on DiEM25's launch in
   Rome and, crucially, on the Transparancy in Europe Now! campaign which
   is a crucial part of our Manifesto's three-stage agenda for
   democratising the European Union.

   Please sign the petition:

   The good news is that, already, our campaign is bearing fruit. The
   President of the Eurogroup announced that some documents will be made
   available to the public while the European Commission has published
   some of the TTIP negotiation documents - two central demands of our
   petition. Of course, these are cosmetic changes that do very little to
   achieve proper transparency in EU decision-making. But it is a good
   start - as it shows that our campaign, even before it has begun
   properly, has managed to worry the powers-that-be sufficiently to
   motivate them to make some moves in the right direction.

   Turning now to the Rome event that launched DiEM25 in Italy, you can
   watch the whole event
   here: to get a flavour
   of the excitement and of DiEM25's capacity to build bridges between all
   sorts of democrats and movements.

   Meanwhile, DiEM25 groups and spontaneous collectives are emerging
   throughout Europe. From Finland and Hungary to Portugal and Austria.
   Let's exploit together this great, natural force that runs throughout
   the continent. And let's add to its dynamism through our own actions.

   Please remember that DiEM25 is your movement, our movement. Encourage
   everyone to take initiatives at will to promote our common values and
   aspirations, the aims and spirit of our Manifesto.

   Self-organisation is our motto. Carpe DiEM25!

   Yanis Varoufakis

   PS. Very soon we shall send you details of the next DiEM25 events
   across Europe - and invite you to plan events of your own choosing and


   Professor of Economics - Division of Political Economy, Department of
   Economics, University of Athens,14 Evripidou Street, Athens 10559,

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