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Re: <nettime> Arrest Warrant Issued for Amy Goodman in North Dakota

On 11/Sep/16 07:36, Keith Sanborn wrote:
Everyone showed courage, except the company goons, who used dogs for proxy
violence, who themselves are only proxies for the tar sands oil companies
and the pipeline builders.

Who are only proxies for hydrocarbon consumers ... and other 'shareholders' ...
violence takes many guises. We need more courage to *not* consume!

juridical state. And since it's public land, the legal state, through its
own special conduit for violence, the Army, who made the decision to allow
the pipeline to go on, is still the ultimate author of the violence
committed against the protesters, in the Name of "We the People," as we say
here in the ussa.

Unfortunately not just 'in the name of' but 'at the behest of' and/or simply 'by'! There are seamless connections between all of these actions and flows of power as are driven by the anisotropic distribution of energy/matter in the cosmos.


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