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<nettime> what can we do for Chelsea Manning

published in the heat of august

Will be re-actualised later today. Thanks to nettime for the pointer.

What worries me is I that I tried to contact the support team friday in
order to actualize my paper with fresh - hopefully good - niouzes, and I
got no answer from them until today.

The question is haunting me more and more every might & day : What can we
do for Chelsea Manning ?
 What can be co-invented/co-worked ? Spread the #jesuisChelseaManning :
#IamChelseaManning  massiveley through les "rezosocios", so it becomes
quickly viral ?  I guess it has been done already. ... but maybe we could
try again. I can give a hand on that in Francophony.

Let me know if I'm wrong but obviously some public action, complementary
to what is worked out by the support team and the lawyers, would help
cause it is election time in USA ... and France and other countries
around the planet, and politics have to let us know which side they
choose. We sghould be able to raise the question in both chambers in
France through some choosen representatives.

What else ? Hastle medias ? I can do some of the job with my press
contacts .  Organize parties to collect money ? Hack TV and radio shows
and more if affinities ?

Chelsea needs urgent help and I/you/we need urgent answers to take her
out of that unhuman, unacceptable, undecent and totally ridiculous
situation. US government and army position is not serious and responsible
in a period where terrorism has become a real issue. If they lock in and
mistreat people like her that way, what are they going to do with mass
murderers and fanatics ? Kill them without trial ? Torture them ad libitum ?

Sorry for this sudden irruption on the list from somebody who has kept
very silent and distant for years now, but I had to it, cause her
sufferings are now hoaunting me more and more night and day .

Christine T.

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