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<nettime> Best of Luck with the Wall (variant) by Garrett Lync

   Announcing a new collaborative work by Garrett Lynch & Frédérique

   Best of Luck with the Wall (variant)


   In Josh Begley's film, Best of Luck with the Wall (2016), a comment on
   the proposed border wall between the US and Mexico by American
   President Donald Trump, Begley states:

   "What would it mean to try to 'see' the entire southwest border at
   once? To travel the whole 1,954 miles in, say, six minutes?�   According to Google Maps, it would take 34 hours to drive its entire

   We wondered, why six minutes? Why should this heavily politicised
   place, much of which is inhabited and sees a million people officially
   cross the border every day, be so temporally reduced and become the
   visual equivalent of what Begley terms is "a place abstracted into a
   sound bite"?

   Employing the same tools and processes as the original, this film
   addresses the issue by providing a slowed-down 34 hour variant. The
   result is a video that traverses the landscape simulating the
   experience of traveling the length of the wall as if traveling at the
   speed of a car. The scale of the proposed construction is emphasised
   and each place that it will pass through can be seen and identified.
   The video is accompanied by the original soundtrack torturously
   stretched to the point of being noise and as a result uncomfortable to
   listen at length, reminding the viewer of the film's disturbing subject



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