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<nettime> Make Donald Duck Again

Since we don't have a Department of Propaganda, the Department of
State will do the job in the interim. I recognize that the alt-right
has been quite effective and admirably stupid in the on-line meme
war*, so it is high time to retaliate.

Checking my avatar's time line on facebook, I was happy to see all
my liberal leftist friends posting maniacally anti-Trump screeds,
but what bothered me was that almost every time there was an image
of Trump's visage attached to it. It started to feel like living in
a totalitarian state, where the image of the dictator is omnipresent
and stares at you from every corner. Then in one message, one of my
friends offered the comment to send the Donald back to Duckburg. It
occurred to me that this is a brilliant idea and I contacted Jan
Gerber in the R&D Department, who delivered within 24 hours a working
Mozilla addon:


Check it out and pass it on.  It should go viral for all I care.

A Chromium addon is in the works.  

Stay tuned.  

La lutte continue,


Shadow Secy of State

* <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w94mQjxHkRs> 

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