Hank Bull on Tue, 16 Apr 96 00:19 MDT

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nettime: Re: hypergarbage.. hyperbole..

Thank-you Jayce,

>I find the name of this list offensive, both parts of it.  Why emulate  or
>try to reproduce some Eurocentric notion (albeit virtual) of a 'nation', 
I agree with this part. Peter Sandmark and Pam Hall have both pointed out 
the shortcomings of the "nation" metaphor. By all means let us change the 
name of the list and move on. 

>The Hyper part of the name really bugs me as well.  
Le mot se sert dans son sens francais, y compris un histoire et des nuances 
qui n'existent pas en anglais. Si on veut proposer un autre titre pour la 
liste, il vaudrait mieux quelque chose qui marche en francais. Ou bien, qui 
ne marche meme pas en anglais. Also, I don't think that even in English the 
word "hyper" is as locked into "hype" as you suggest. 

As for the personal messages, please forgive me, it was my fault. A glitch.  
Stuff went all over. Oh I'm sooo embarassed.

How about "Hibernation"? 

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